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Rototom & SummerJam Reggae Festival Showreel

Aside from Film and Photography, music has been my drive and heart beat. I really love live music in particular and have spent many years going to concerts, festivals, intimate gigs - pretty much anywhere where I could get the opportunity to view my favourite artists, bands and underground talent. 

SummerJam in Germany was my first ever experience of going to a reggae festival and documenting the event. The energy was vibrant and the artists were phenomenal! The precision that the musicians/artists managed to maintain throughout the performances seriously had me mesmerised. I've been hooked ever since and have gone onto travelling to Rototom reggae festival in Spain for all the same reasons. I have combined some of my favourites from both SummerJam and Rototom to give you a taster of the performances and the infectiously good vibes.

Psylo Fashion Studio Shoot (BTS)

For me, its hard to get swept away in the people watching and music chasing without admiring the fashion that comes with it.

I have been involved in many shoots but it had been a while since I had been able to almost step back and watch everything take place. The beauty of behind the scenes is that it allows you to step into the world of the unknown! I pretty much get the best of both worlds because I spend time and document everyone that is on set. To sum it all up - In behind the scenes, everyone’s a star!

Psylo Afro Punk Concept Shoot (BTS)

Here we are again with another Psylo Fashion shoot. This time it has a ‘Afro Punk’ concept which was taken in 2 beautiful art galleries. So not only do we have great visuals of the clothing, but the art really brought it all together in a different way - which allowed different genres and audiences to merge.

HanLei Live Experience Promotional Video

We all like to experience music in different ways. Sometimes it's not about going to sold out concerts and festivals. Sometimes...we want something a little more close to home, a more personal and intimiate experience . Not only was I able to capture the great atmosphere,infectious laughter and empressive dance moves from this beautiful soulful/house duo - but those that were in the bar with friends and family also seem to be having just as much fun. Doesn't it make you want to experience them live too?

Child.Org - Little Venice to Limehouse

It can be fun and challenging trying to raise money for charity. This was to raise awareness of the difficulties some women in Africa face when it comes to resources and extra care that may be required for pregnancy related issues. Upon research he found that women can gain up to 10kg of weight during pregnancy and decided that he would carry this amount of weight for 10 miles in support of these women. This was a video produced to show some of his journey.

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